Welcome to the Team is an esports community where gamers and fans of gaming can connect, improve their skills and knowledge, and compete in a supportive environment. You’ll find regular tournaments, coaching sessions, exclusive content, and a robust forum. is your esports community.

Gaming and more. is more than tournaments, it’s a comprehensive gaming platform. Most game platforms don’t give you much reason to stick around after you’re done playing in the tournament. wants to give you more. More stats, more dashboard, more trending news, and more member-exclusive perks like first dibs on new merchandise. We’ve built the universal profile that gives you a new level of social possibilities with a super sleek data-driven profile and custom gamer cards.

Made easy

Getting your own account is easier than getting hardstuck. To create an account, log in with Discord and you’re good to go. Plus, when you log in with Discord, all your connections will be carried over.

Always something new.

We’re constantly pushing the envelope to bring our gamer community more ways to connect, play, and compete. New features coming soon include a universal profile, free-to-play community events, esports events, and exclusive content.

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