Stride Esports April 2024 College Combine: Bridging Passion and Opportunity

From April 26th to 28th, the Stride Esports April 2024 College Combine unfolded as a groundbreaking event, uniting high school esports players and esports collegiate representatives.
College Combine

Stride Empowers Youth, Igniting Dreams at April 2024 College Combine!

Stride Esports continues to empower young gamers, connecting them with educational opportunities and a pathway to their dreams. Whether you’re a player, parent, or esports enthusiast, the April 2024 College Combine left a lasting mark on the esports landscape as a convergence of passion, skill, and opportunity. High school players stepped onto the virtual stage, colleges scouted talent, and the esports industry buzzed with excitement. Stride Esports remains committed to nurturing the next generation of esports talent!

Game Showdowns

Featuring Fortnite
On Saturday, April 27th, high school solos battled it out in four intense games of Builds, NA-Central, and Solos. Placement and eliminations determined the best player.
Featuring Rocket League
Rocket League
Another double elimination bracket on Saturday, followed by the top four teams competing on Twitch Sunday evening.
Featuring Valorant
Teams clashed in intense showmatches Sunday’s Twitch stream.
Featuring Super Smash
Super Smash
A double elimination bracket on Saturday led to the top four players competing on stream later that day.

Scholarships and Exposure

Tallo, one of our event sponsors, offered $2,000 in scholarship money. Outstanding players in each game received $500 directly toward their college or university tuition.
High school players seized the opportunity to showcase their skills, hoping to secure spots in collegiate esports programs.
Nine players have already piqued the interest of collegiate reps.

Panel Discussions

College Panels
Collegiate directors, representatives, and coaches shared insights into esports programs. High schoolers learned about scholarship opportunities tailored to their gaming passion.
Esports Industry Panels
Industry professionals delved into their stories and career paths within the esports world.
Twitch Stream Spectacle
The action on our Twitch channel was nothing short of explosive. Viewers witnessed the passion, strategy, and teamwork of these talented players.
Featuring Fortnite


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