Fair Play Policy

Effective January 17, 2022

Stride (or “we” or “us”) offers the Services described in its Terms of Use to Organizers, Players, and Contributors, each as defined below, and all others who make use of the Site.  Stride is committed to organizing and administering fair, safe, and well-organized events.  In addition to the rules governing any match or event, Stride has promulgated this Fair Play Policy to ensure that all users of the Services act ethically and participate fairly.

This Fair Play Policy applies to all Users of the Services, including all Players, Contributors, and Organizers (as such terms are defined in the Terms of Use), as well as any agents, representatives or affiliates of any Users (each of whom shall be defined as a User of the Services for the purposes of this Fair Play Policy).  

By using Stride, whether by visiting our website or application or otherwise, and/or by using our Services, you acknowledge that you have read and understand the practices contained in this Fair Play Policy and agree to be bound by and comply with all of the provisions of the Terms of Use and this Fair Play Policy.

  1. Ethical Conduct

Match and Event Rules .  In addition to this Fair Play Policy, users shall also be subject to the rules of matches and events and agreements with event organizers (including us), and that the same conduct of such users may implicate not only the Fair Play Policy but also match or event rules or other agreements. The Fair Play Policy is not intended to limit the responsibilities of any user under such other rules or agreements.

Fair Play .  Users shall play fairly and in accordance with the rules in all matches and events and shall always adhere to the highest ethical standards in connection with any match or event.

Best Efforts .  Players shall expend their best efforts to win all matches and events in which they participate.

Non-Disruptive Play .  Users shall not intentionally disrupt matches or events or use language or a gesture that is obscene, offensive or insulting during a match.  Users shall take no action to distract a Player during a match.

Threats.  Users shall not intimidate another User or make any threats or behave in a threatening manner or towards a Player or user during a match or event.

Cheating .  Users shall not cheat in an attempt to win a match or event.

Betting .  Players shall not place any wager or bet of any sort on any match or in any event in which they are participating.

False Accusations .  Users shall not make false accusations about other Users that damage the reputation of matches or events.

  1. Anti-Corruption/Anti-Collusion

Match Manipulation.  Users shall not make any attempt to manipulate a match or event for personal gain or other inappropriate strategic or tactical reasons.  Users shall not seek to make a particular action or occurrence take place in a match or event solely for the purpose of affecting a wager.

Match Fixing or Collusion .  Users shall not fix or conspire to fix or otherwise influence improperly, or being a party to any agreement or effort to fix or conspire to fix or otherwise influence improperly, the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any match or event.

Bribery .  Users shall not seek, accept, offer or agree to accept any bribe or other thing of value to take any action in violation of this Fair Play Policy or the rules of any match or event.

Non-public Information .  Users shall not use for their own personal benefit any non-public information whether gained from another User, an Organizer or otherwise, relating to any match or event. 

  1. Performance Enhancements

Equipment and Software.  All matches and events shall be contested using identical software, with the outcome to be determined solely by the respective merits of the competing Players.  Players shall not use any equipment, software, or other technology that allows them to gain a competitive advantage in violation of any rules of the Fair Play Policy.  

Substances .  Users shall not ingest or use any substance that offers users a competitive advantage in any match or event.  In the event that a User requires any such substance for a bona fide therapeutic purpose, User must identify to the event Organizer their use of any such substance in advance of participating in any match or event.  

  1. General Rules

Violations .  Stride shall be the sole arbiter of violations of this Fair Play Policy.  Stride shall have the authority to take any such actions as sanctions for violations of this Fair Play Policy, including but not limited to the banning of Users from Using the Services and the forfeit of any winnings.  Users who desire to challenge Stride’s decisions under this Fair Play Policy shall have the remedies set forth in the Terms of Use. 

Direct or Indirect Conduct .  It shall be a violation of this Fair Play Policy directly or indirectly take any action, or solicit, induce, entice, instruct, persuade, encourage or facilitate any action that would violate any provision of this Fair Play Policy or the rules of any match or event.

Continuing Effect .  Users shall continue to be bound by and required to comply with the Fair Play Policy until they have not participated in a match or been involved in any Eeent for a period of six (6) months and Stride shall continue to have jurisdiction over him/her under the Fair Play Policy thereafter in respect of matters taking place prior to that point.